Business Wide Project Searching and Sharing

Impact has become a world leader in packaging design applications largely because it is built on an industry standard, database-driven, platform. For over twenty five years this integrated environment has provided packaging manufacturers and diemakers with easy access to their constantly expanding libraries of designs.

The growth of businesses through acquisition and merger, and an increase in the number of companies employing roaming designers and home workers, has made global access to these design assets across multiple locations increasingly desirable. By harnessing the latest cloud-based technology, a combined Impact:Enterprise solution delivers all the performance benefits of a local database with the collaborative benefits of a central database to enable designers to share Impact projects with their remotely located colleagues.


Enterprise is powered by a series of dedicated services capable of automatically managing the queuing, distribution, and deployment of Impact projects across an entire business. These powerful services assure optimum performance and fault tolerance at all times, so if your network goes down and is unavailable, there’s no need to panic, because your designers will be able to continue to work normally, and Enterprise will kick-in automatically the minute the network is back up and running.

Seamlessly integrated into the Impact Browser, the introduction of Enterprise requires no change to designer work practices and very little training. The option to reuse existing designs and production tooling eliminates the need to reproduce projects, saving you time and money in the process.


Features and benefits

Business wide project searching and sharing to a central database

Maximum exploitation of global design resources

Enhanced collaboration between structural designers

Automated project version control

Time and cost savings through the re-use of designs and production tooling

Secure site-to-central communications

Assured performance and fault tolerance