Peak Performance Conference 2017

We are pleased to announce Arden Software's Users Group Conference - Arden Software Peak Performance Conference 2017 - will be held in Park City, Utah, June 4 -7, 2017.

This year we have broadened our approach. Courses will be a hybrid combining presentation with hands-on training so that we can cover more material than ever before.  We have also assembled a team of our top partners with whom we have integrated and extended the reach of Impact and WEBcnx.  These integrations are at the forefront of the industry and we fully exploit the technologies which are shaping the future of the packaging industries:  

  • Hybrid Software brings state-of-the-art prepress technologies; 

  • uses Arden's Suite to power a complete packaging and graphics B2B solution; 

  • TOPS is now fully integrated into Impact and is a huge time-saver and benefit to all users;   

  • BOBST and the BOBST PowerPack for Impact is a collaboration and development that will redefine tooling creation for users around the world.

Training and ongoing training is a key aspect of increasing the return on your investment in Impact and exposing you to the new features and educating you on their use is of key importance.  This is why Arden Software Peak Performance Conference 2017 is not just a get together to discuss the new features with some show and tell.  Every attendee will have use of a fully functional Impact Laptop that can be taken class to class and back to your room.  This is a training event (with some fun thrown in-- of course!).  You the user are able to select the classes that will provide you with the knowledge that you are looking for, such as 3D, File Handling, Animation, Manufacturing Best Practices, Layouts and Tips and Tricks along with the new Manufacturing Tool Box. And our new Open Lab session will allow you to receive individual attention to any special needs and questions you may have.

Arden Software Peak Performance Conference 2017 will be an intense 4-day training event with our guarantee that you will leave with knowledge that will have a positive and direct return on how you use the software, increasing efficiency and expanding your knowledge of Impact’s deep feature set.

We have arranged for beautiful accommodations in Park City, Utah, several of your meals, all snacks and refreshments during training, a personal laptop computer for your use during the event and a great night out.  This is being offered at an incredibly economical price of $1495 for SMC holders, not including lodging expense.  The cost of not attending is much higher as you will take back skills that you will use for years to come.

Our North American team will be present as well as a team from Arden Software in England, giving you unprecedented access to development and decision making staff.

The conference is coming quickly and we would request that you sign up by May 5, 2017 at the latest. Please direct any questions to Kathy Silianoff <>

We look forward to seeing you here.