Mondi commitment to innovation fostered by Impact and Enterprise

Arden Software has rolled out its Impact Computer Aided Design (CAD) solution across twelve Mondi Corrugated Packaging plants as part of Mondi’s project to integrate CAD and design workflow management across four countries.

“At Mondi we are strongly committed to any innovation that we believe will benefit our customers,” says Pierrick Vincelot, Mondi’s European Product Innovation Manager for Corrugated Packaging.  “The design of the packaging we make for them is a critical part of this and last year we decided that we needed a new solution that would combine CAD with enterprise-wide design workflow management across twelve plants in Austria, Germany, Poland, and Turkey.  The objectives behind this decision were to improve efficiency, increase productivity, offer our customers more product possibilities, and to retain our competitive edge.”

For this solution, Mondi turned to Arden Software.  “There is no better CAD system for packaging than Impact from Arden Software,” says Chris Rogers, General Manager of Arden Software.   “Furthermore, Arden Software is the only supplier able to offer Mondi a fast, and fully integrated, enterprise-wide design solution.”

The initial challenge was to replace a variety of CAD systems used at the Mondi plants with Impact and to train the staff involved in its use.  To minimize disruption, and to start gaining the benefits of Impact as quickly as possible, Mondi specified an ambitious roll out programme, one which challenged the supplier.  “Over the final quarter of last year we installed Impact throughout the twelve plants and trained forty people to use the system in English, German, Polish, and Turkish languages,” explains Chris Rogers.  “Given that the installation and training was spread across four different countries, and that production still had to continue unhindered at each plant, it needed quite an effort on our behalf to deliver this.  However, once we commit to a roll out schedule then we will move heaven and earth to make it happen, and this project was no exception.”

Impact includes highly automated and powerful features for structural design, product development, and 3D virtual prototyping.  Uniquely, the system utilises a highly integrated design database that allows users to store projects and manage associated documents (such as customer specifications and artwork), control access, search and locate legacy designs, and track revisions.  Impact performs strongly in all the commonly used network environments and supports SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Express, and Oracle databases.

Recognising that designers work in different ways, Chris Rogers says that Arden Software designed Impact so that it can be easily tailored to suit each user’s ability levels and personal preferences.  “We realise that most installations of this kind will have novice, as well as more experienced users, and that every designer works in a slightly different way.  Some of the other great strengths of Impact include an extensive, and customisable, design standards library, an intelligent nesting feature which maximises material utilisation and minimises waste in the layout, an integrated graphics feature which marries structural and graphic elements perfectly, and the new 3D TruView technology for virtual sampling.”  This latter element enables users to produce virtual packaging prototypes that incorporate ultra-realistic finishes such as foiling, embossing and de-bossing, Braille, varnish, and true board textures. 

As a suite, the level of functionality that Impact provides as part of its standard toolset was a key factor in Mondi’s decision.  “The much more efficient tools that Impact offers completely superseded those of the various CAD systems that were used previously at Mondi Corrugated Packaging plants,” says Pierrick Vincelot.

The value of the data generated by Impact is greatly enhanced if it can be readily accessed by business management and ERP systems across an organisation or enterprise, and it is this capability that Arden Software are currently implementing as phase two of the Mondi project.   “Harnessing the full power of the Impact database means that Mondi can maximise its investment in Arden Software’s technology and allow them to make vital information accessible to anyone who needs it, whenever and wherever they need it,” explains Chris Rogers.  “Put simply, installing Impact Enterprise means that a single, centralised Impact database can be accessed from multiple remote locations without the network performance issues that often make such a configuration impractical.” Chris Rogers says that even if network connectivity is lost for some reason, Enterprise is designed to automatically resume communication once the network is available again.  “This means that Impact Enterprise delivers the flexibility, performance, and availability of site or hub databases, together with the centralised management of a single, enterprise database.  The synchronisation of all data occurs automatically without the user ever having to manage or upload files manually.  This is something that no other system on the market can offer.”

Chris Rogers says that Mondi Corrugated Packaging sees Arden Software as a highly reliable business partner at a time when continuity of supply is a key issue for packaging manufacturers and their customers.  “We are a good fit for Mondi.  We’re a stable supplier, having been under the same ownership since we were established some 25 years ago.  Add to this our philosophy of actively working with and talking to our customers, the excellent support delivered through our growing number of subsidiary offices, and our commitment to innovation, and you can see that we work very much like Mondi.   It makes us unique in the marketplace as a software systems supplier.”