Impact 2016 available now!

We're excited to bring you our latest, feature-rich Impact CAD 2016.  Upgrade today!

Update (Sept 5th 2018) - a later Impact 2016R4 release supersedes the previous version, bringing with it speed improvements and several bug fixes and minor improvements.  Contact your reseller or agent now for upgrade information or download directly from our support site,

With a whole host of new features for designers and die-makers alike, we're sure you'll find something that will make you more productive than ever.

Scroll through our What's New in Impact 2016 highlights document below (or view it full screen here):

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A more detailed What's New in 2016 can also be downloaded below along with our technical release notes:

- What's New Impact 2016 - Highlights

- What's New Impact 2016 - Detailed Notes (UK)

- What's New Impact 2016 R3 - Detailed Notes (UK)

- Impact 2016 Release Notes (UK)

Contact your local Arden team or reseller to discuss your upgrade options now.  Customers with a valid software maintenance contract (SMC) can download the latest installers for free directly from our dedicated support site

Note. We encourage customers running Impact Enterprise, WEBcnx and heavily customised setups to contact Arden support before carrying out an upgrade themselves.  As always, be sure to backup your data before proceeding.

Coming soon.... as Impact 2016 now includes better support for the 3D model export (and Import) of the popular Collada file format, we've teamed-up with our friends at to bring you the ability to upload 3D scenes directly from Impact to their model sharing site via a new plugin which will be available from our soon to be live app store.

No longer will you need to email or otherwise send large files like 3D PDFs and have to rely on the recipient having the correct viewer installed and it being up-to-date.  You'll simply be able to share a link that can be viewed on any platform, any web browser or device - even mobiles and tablets... with nothing to install!

You'll be able to sign-up use a free personal Sketchfab account for quick and easy model sharing, or upgrade to a pro or business account to access premium services like private invite-only model sharing, unlimited numbers of model uploads and sizes, and the ability to embed models in your corporate website and much more.

Arden Software has launched another overseas office – creating new jobs.

We have recently opened an office in Delhi, India, as we continue our global expansion.

This latest office launch – Arden Software Asia Pacific - marks our fifth international headquarters, alongside our other offices in the UK, Germany, North America and Denmark.

Matt Hewitt, Business Development Manager at Arden Software, said: “We work with thousands of customers across the world and the Asia Pacific region represents one of our fastest growing markets.

“Not only has our new office in India created three new jobs so far, but it also allows us to capitalise on this rapidly expanding market and better serve our current customers and resellers in the wider Asia Pacific region.

“In the past six years, Arden Software has opened four overseas offices, creating new jobs and opportunities and positioning ourselves as a global player in the packaging sector and we look forward to further growth in the near future.”

The new India office is being led by Manish Bhaskar, who took on the role of Business Head – Asia, after working in the print and packaging industry for more than 20 years.

Arden Software, which was established in 1988 from its Stockport-based office, currently employs more than 45 people and specialises in the development of innovative CAD, manufacturing, enterprise and workflow management solutions for the print and packaging industry.

Visit Arden Software at Drupa 2016

Arden Software will be showcasing our latest products at the world’s largest print and packaging exhibition.

We are making a return to the Drupa 2016 trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany, next week.

Our technical experts will be exhibiting Arden Software’s latest release of our product suite, including Impact CAD.

The Impact CAD software, which is used by leading packaging manufacturers around the world, is used for the design, manufacture and visualisation of paper-based packaging, include carton, corrugated and display solutions.

Matt Hewitt, our Business Development Manager, said: “We are very excited to be returning to Drupa to showcase our range of products to the wider packaging sector, who we firmly believe will be impressed with the innovative solutions we have to offer.

“We pride ourselves on being a world leader in the development of advanced CAD and CAM software for the print and packaging industry, so Drupa provides the perfect platform for us to launch our newest product suite.

“Our team of experts will be on hand to showcase the latest versions of our state-of-the-art products including our flagship Impact CAD software, which is the most technologically advanced CAD packaging system for industry professionals.”

Thousands of industry experts and more than 130 exhibitors are expected to attend the 10-day event held at the Drupa Innovation Park in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 31 to June 10.

The Arden Software stand will be located at Hall 10, Booth 54 throughout the event at the Dusseldorf Fairgrounds.

Impact 2015 available now!

All-new and enhanced features have arrived with Impact 2015.

Impact 2015 introduces some great new features as well as enhancements to the tools you use the most, meaning this latest upgrade is sure to be something you can benefit from right away, whilst helping you finding new ways to be more creative and productive than ever before.

Here are just some of the highlights of this great new release...

For Designers

Animated Adobe 3D PDF & U3D files

Create your animation as normal and simply export to the Adobe PDF or U3D formats for captivating and fully interactive animated models.


Better lighting, reflections and acetate windows comes to 3D PDF

3D PDF exported models have never looked better or more realistic with improved lighting, shading, environmental reflections and altogether new acetate / window patch visualisation.  Better yet, they're smaller and faster than ever to produce!


Composite textures removed

Smaller, faster loading of 3D-enabled drawings means you no longer have to sacrifice quality for speed.

3D performance to match your hardware

No longer a user-specific setting, now 3D workstation options can be optimised to suit individual hardware. Use Impact from any workstation and see designs at their best.

New drafting and editing tools

Some of the new tools and enhancements within Impact 2015 include: Quick Expode, Bezier Pen, Animation looping, Select By Example, 3D Align Selected... and much more.







For Diemakers

Resume Dieboard Editing

Resume dieboard editing without needing to restart, such as changing your mounting system with no data loss.

Block Inspector Improvements

Users can now freely control the order of blocks in the block inspector and have more control over the sort order... by name, style, first palette or manual re-order. Also, it's now possible to rename multiple selected blocks into a sequence.  All minor changes, but they provide surprising time-savings and make for all-round easier block management.

Quick and Simple Symbol Pattern Creation

Now simply place one or symbols types
or import an existing drawing and Impact
will automatically convert them to a symbol pattern.

Markup layers

Whether you want to work on a layer that another user has locked, or you want to annotate on a particular layer without editing it, Markup layers provide the freedom to run diemaking and various other tools without the need to take ownership or modify the original layer.

Replacement Collision Symbols

If Impact can’t place a configured symbol due
to collision or interference, it can now place an
alternate symbol in it’s place to clearly indicate an area that may need user attention.


... and much more including numerous improvements to Rotary Dieboard and Blanker tools...

For Everyone

New and vastly more powerful document management capabilities

Now add documents and links to anything and everything, with additional support for site, user, layer, customer contact and document-to-document associations.  Drag-and-drop new documents to speed up document management, whilst Impact automatically generates thumbnails and takes care of meta-data extraction. You can also add tags or create custom groups to aid searching and categorisation. 

PDF export gains CMYK and overprinting

It's now possible to avoid artwork knock-outs in exported PDFs with the use of a new overprinting feature.  In addition, we've added support for CMYK colour modes.

Enhanced Export Controls

You can now automatically open a file or folder after drawing export saving you yet more valuable time.

On-line help system

A completely new on-line help system for Impact and other related products.  Find help for every tool, or handy hints and tips in our growing knowledge-base. Check out today! 





Contact your Impact supplier for further details. A short leaflet is available here, with a more complete 'What's New in Impact 2015' available here.  More general product information is available from our Impact product page.

Impact 2014 available now!

With new features and enhanced functionality for designers and diemakers alike, Impact 2014 provides users with the tools to work faster and most efficiently than ever, allowing you to secure and strengthen your position in the market.

Impact 2014 Splash Screen

For Designers

 3D Animation gets an overhaul.

3D Animation gets an overhaul.

A simplified Animation Editor sees the introduction of mirrored and more easily manipulated key frames, along with several new timeline enhancements.





 Greater support from Impact's 3D export provides a wider range of compatibility with other products, such as augmented reality solutions.

Greater support from Impact's 3D export provides a wider range of compatibility with other products, such as augmented reality solutions.

New 3D Export support for AutoCAD DWG and Collada provides compatibility for augmented reality solutions and much more.







Significantly reduced 3D PDF file sizes, making them truly portable.

Various Interactive drawing tools enhancements makes drafting quicker and easier than ever before.

A new Sheet Layout Utilisation feature makes it possible to quickly determine the efficiency of a machine / sheet and pattern combination before entering the layout tool.

 Quickly estimate machine/sheet usage before, or even without, creating layouts

Quickly estimate machine/sheet usage before, or even without, creating layouts

To compliment the new Sheet Layout Utilisation feature, an accompanying Layout Estimation plugin can help you compare any and every possible layout combination, offering final sheet/machine utilisation calculation, as well as indicators for total run length, and estimated waste.

 Add differing quantities of design components to speed up and simplify composite layout creation.

Add differing quantities of design components to speed up and simplify composite layout creation.

Composite Layout improvements makes for quicker and easier composite layout generation.







The addition of a control for graphic transparency helps to aid the visibility of underlying design geometry.


For Diemakers

An enhanced Rotary Dieboard Split Tool offers greater control over split placement and geometry collision.

 Far greater control over rotary split location and style.

Far greater control over rotary split location and style.

A new Forced/Remove Slot tool for the Stripper Creator hands the user even more control over the placement of internal and external slots.

New Conventional Stripper options support contouring first with male knives/claws/pins and then create a wooden block.

 Intelligent contour and slot detection results in the most efficient stripping solutions.

Intelligent contour and slot detection results in the most efficient stripping solutions.

Many new features for Blanking Tools. 

Something for everyone

AutoCAD 2013 DXF and DWG Import

Open Type Font support for greater cross-platform compatibility

 Favourite your oft-used settings for quick retrieval

Favourite your oft-used settings for quick retrieval

Favourites for Symbols, Design Components, Plotter, Layout settings and many more, make often used settings quickly accessible.







IT-Administration - LDAP support, proving Impact logon with your Windows credentials. 

 Optionally translate your custom database settings to provide a multi-lingual user friendly environment.

Optionally translate your custom database settings to provide a multi-lingual user friendly environment.

Multilingual Settings mean everyday Master Tool Settings, Symbols and folders can now be translated to aid your company-wide database users across all languages.








Contact your Impact supplier for further details. A fully featured What's New in Impact 2014 document can be downloaded from here, with more information available from our Impact product page.

Aylesbury Box Company Switches to Impact

Aylesbury Box Company has been producing high quality, tailor-made, packaging solutions from its premises in Buckinghamshire since 1987. In October 2013, the company took the decision to upgrade its existing CAD software, and after long consideration, decided to switch to the Impact packaging design application from Arden Software.

Aylesbury Box has installed the Designer Professional edition of Impact on a License Server, which means they have the flexibility to use their licenses from any PC on which the software is installed.

Their decision to switch was taken for a number of reasons, including the growing need to provide customers with more advanced 3D models, and a desire for improved product reliability.

Luke Jamieson, Director said, “Since installing Impact, we have been delighted with the power and flexibility of the software, as well as the excellent support we have received from Arden Software”.

He continues, “Not only does this mean we can get on with our business with the confidence that we have a partner we can work closely with, but it also makes us feel we are getting value for our investment”.

Impact 2013R2 available

Impact 2013R2 is now available for installation by customers with a valid software maintenance contract. This service pack contains a number of significant enhancements to Impact's 3D toolset.

3D Dimensioning

The 3D>Dimensions>Dimension Objects tool has been removed. The existing Draw>Dimension>Aligned tool has been extended to work within a 3D scene.

Once the Draw>Dimension>Aligned tool has been activated, hovering the cursor over the face of a folding model will highlight the face. The SHIFT key toggles between inside and outside faces of a panel and the CTRL key displays the snap-points.

 Inside Face >> Outside Face

Inside Face >> Outside Face

Once a 3D dimension has been added to a scene, Terminator Style & Size, Leader Length, Dimension Gap & Projection Ascent, Leader, Text Position & Text Mode may all be modified via the Entity Inspector.


3D Enquire

The Enquire>Distance>2 Points tool has also been extended to work within a 3D scene.

The tool works identically to the Draw>Dimension>Aligned tool in that faces are highlighted by simply hovering the cursor over them, the SHIFT key can be used to select a back-face and the CTRL key will display snap-points.

3D Multi-Part Alignment

A new tool 3D>Object>Align has been introduced.

The tool simplifies the assembly of multi-part models by providing interactive placement & rotation of folding models & 3D Mesh/Solid Objects. Several features introduced by the Draw>Dimension>Align Dimension and Enquire>Distance>2 Points tools have been re-used, notably the selection of faces by hovering the cursor, the use of SHIFT to toggle between front & back-face highlighting and the use of CTRL to display snap-points.


3D Rotate Object to Plane/Ground

The 3D>Object>Align tool can also be used to quickly align 3D Mesh/Solid Objects and folding models to the ground or to any face on another 3D Mesh/Solid Object or folding model.

 Before >> After

Before >> After

3D Cross-Section

The 3D>New>Grid tool has been modified to allow the alignment of the cross-section grid with the face of the bounding box of a folding model or a 3D Mesh/Solid Object. A new Edit Bar control has been added (‘Bounding Box’). If enabled, this option will allow the user to highlight a face (on a 3D Model/Mesh Object or a Folding Model) and the cross-section grid snap to that bounding box at that face. The cross-section grid will also resize to match the extents of the bounding box. The user can then manually shift the grid (either free-hand or by a fixed distance, using the Entity Inspector Standard Toolbox) into the required position. If the Bounding Box option is not enabled, a user-defined width & height may be entered and the grid snapped to a suitable point within the 3D scene (as with previous versions).


3D Reset Bounding Box

This is a new Entity Inspector option, which allows the bounding box to be reset to world X, Y, & Z coordinates, once an object has been manually re-aligned.

 Before >> After

Before >> After

3DX Import

For customers with 3DX-equipped licenses, the upgrade to Impact 2013R2 brings the following additional features, which may be accessed via the 3D Import/Export Master Tool Setting (and also via the File Import dialog as a temporary override).

Centre objects at the origin – if enabled, the centre of the model will be positioned at the centre of an Impact 3D scene (X,Y & Z = 0.00mm,0.0mm & 0.0mm) . If this option is not enabled, the model’s own origin will be used and positioned at the centre of an Impact 3D scene.

Import object hierarchy – if the 3DX model contains a hierarchy (a collection of related parts and sub-parts) and this option is enabled, the hierarchy of parts & sub-parts will be preserved. If the option is disabled, the resultant model will be a comprised of a single object. This option is analogous to the 2D importing of a drawing containing Blocks & Sub-Blocks without exploding them.

Group objects together – if the hierarchy has been imported and this option has been enabled, hierarchies and sub-parts within a model may be selected, but not translated unless they are manually un-parented (removed from the hierarchy). If this option is disabled, hierarchies & sub-parts may be selected & translated, without any need for un-parenting. Disabling this option is analogous to the 2D recursive exploding of Blocks.

Import hidden objects – if the model contains objects marked as hidden or invisible in the originating application, this option will allow the import of those objects.

Make all objects visible - all objects within the model will be made visible, regardless of their status in the originating application.

Surface Quality – choose from extra low, low, medium, high& extra high. This affects the number of polygons & vertices which are created for the model (or each sub-part, if a hierarchy is imported). The more polygons& vertices, the smoother the model (or sub-part) appears, albeit at a cost of increased import-time & memory usage. The Surface Quality option is analogous to the curve tolerance control found within the 3D Wizard.

Contact your Impact supplier for further detailsA comprehensive What's New in Impact 2013R2 pdf document can be found in the downloads section of the Impact product page.

Arden Software and Lean Projects announce strategic partnership

ARDEN SOFTWARE, an international leader in the provision of design and pre-production workflow management software solutions for the global packaging industry, and LEAN PROJECTS, a consulting and software development firm based in Switzerland specializing in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX projects and cost estimating systems for the printing and packaging industry.

Initially, the relationship will focus on the integration of ARDEN SOFTWARE’s Impact packaging design software application and WEBcnx design workflow management software application with LEAN PROJECT’s Print & Packaging business management software application. This development will be complemented by co-marketing activities intended to increase business at common installations and co-implementation activities that will include the utilisation of teams from both companies to meet specific customer requirements.

This will be complemented by co-marketing activities working to jointly win business where both companies are involved and co-implementation activities that will include the utilisation of teams from both companies to meet specific customer requirements.

“Put simply, ARDEN SOFTWARE and LEAN PROJECTS are teaming up to provide packaging companies with world class solutions that enable them to optimize their business performance,” explained Chris Rogers, General Manager of ARDEN SOFTWARE.  “We believe this relationship will yield great benefits for our customers through the transfer of added knowledge and experience.  This announcement follows the recent establishment of Arden Software Germany and Arden Software Scandinavia and serves to underline our commitment to becoming the undisputed world leader in our vendor market.  We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for both of our businesses.”

Impact to Cape Pack Plugin

Arden Software and Cape Systems announce the release of a new interface that delivers enhanced and automated integration for the manufacturers of corrugated packaging using the Impact packaging design software and the Cape Pack pallet optimisation software.

This version of the Impact Cape plugin utilises two programs in Cape Pack – KDF Flat blank to calculate optimum stacking for bundles of glued cases and Pallet Group Boxes to calculate stacking patterns for filled customer packaging.

Multi-site functionality supporting the Impact Enterprise database environments where implemented.

Pre-populate Cape Pack inputs with results from Impact CAD design standard library through the use of standard Impact functionality (e.g. value mappings).

Supporting data managed in Impact CAD database taking advantage of advanced database management techniques available in Impact.

Utilises Cape Pack’s advanced algorithms for CAD-driven palletisation optimisation.

Resulting data held in Impact CAD database together with the project for Cape Pack’s pallet group program function.

Resulting data for Cape Pack’s KDF Flat-blank program function and Impact project documents held in Impact CAD 1-up layer.

Resulting Cape data available from Impact DB for use on border plots, value mappings and other standard Impact CAD functions.

To use the Impact Cape plugin you will need to have the following installed:

Cape Pack 2.11 or later

Impact 2010 or later

A license of the Impact Cape plugin

Arden Donates Design Software to Lewis-Clark Packaging Lab

Working through ICPF, ICPF Corporate Partner, Arden Software recently donated software and training to expand Lewis-Clark State College’s (LCSC) new packaging lab.

“We are thrilled to have been the recipient of a 20-station Impact CAD license from ICPF and Arden Software this summer, and we know that this donation will help our students find meaningful work in the industry when they graduate.” said Professor Brian Kolstad. “The software is easy to use, intuitive, and integrates seamlessly with Adobe Illustrator and our Kongsberg XL-24 sample table that we acquired with a discount secured by ICPF.  Arden and ICPF were with us every step of the way to make sure that not only was the software properly installed, but that we were trained to teach our students in the fall.”

This donation was the first of several placements Arden Software plans for select colleges and universities that are among the 30 or more institutions that serve as ICPF’s educational partners.  “As a company, Arden is excited about our initial installation of Impact CAD at Lewis-Clark State College.  This is the tangible beginning of a long relationship with ICPF and Lewis-Clark that we see as two institutions sowing the seeds for a strong corrugated packaging industry into the future,” stated Jim Silianoff, President and CEO of Arden Software North America.