Impact to Cape Pack Plugin

Arden Software and Cape Systems announce the release of a new interface that delivers enhanced and automated integration for the manufacturers of corrugated packaging using the Impact packaging design software and the Cape Pack pallet optimisation software.

This version of the Impact Cape plugin utilises two programs in Cape Pack – KDF Flat blank to calculate optimum stacking for bundles of glued cases and Pallet Group Boxes to calculate stacking patterns for filled customer packaging.

Multi-site functionality supporting the Impact Enterprise database environments where implemented.

Pre-populate Cape Pack inputs with results from Impact CAD design standard library through the use of standard Impact functionality (e.g. value mappings).

Supporting data managed in Impact CAD database taking advantage of advanced database management techniques available in Impact.

Utilises Cape Pack’s advanced algorithms for CAD-driven palletisation optimisation.

Resulting data held in Impact CAD database together with the project for Cape Pack’s pallet group program function.

Resulting data for Cape Pack’s KDF Flat-blank program function and Impact project documents held in Impact CAD 1-up layer.

Resulting Cape data available from Impact DB for use on border plots, value mappings and other standard Impact CAD functions.

To use the Impact Cape plugin you will need to have the following installed:

Cape Pack 2.11 or later

Impact 2010 or later

A license of the Impact Cape plugin