Aylesbury Box Company Switches to Impact

Aylesbury Box Company has been producing high quality, tailor-made, packaging solutions from its premises in Buckinghamshire since 1987. In October 2013, the company took the decision to upgrade its existing CAD software, and after long consideration, decided to switch to the Impact packaging design application from Arden Software.

Aylesbury Box has installed the Designer Professional edition of Impact on a License Server, which means they have the flexibility to use their licenses from any PC on which the software is installed.

Their decision to switch was taken for a number of reasons, including the growing need to provide customers with more advanced 3D models, and a desire for improved product reliability.

Luke Jamieson, Director said, “Since installing Impact, we have been delighted with the power and flexibility of the software, as well as the excellent support we have received from Arden Software”.

He continues, “Not only does this mean we can get on with our business with the confidence that we have a partner we can work closely with, but it also makes us feel we are getting value for our investment”.