Impact 2015 available now!

All-new and enhanced features have arrived with Impact 2015.

Impact 2015 introduces some great new features as well as enhancements to the tools you use the most, meaning this latest upgrade is sure to be something you can benefit from right away, whilst helping you finding new ways to be more creative and productive than ever before.

Here are just some of the highlights of this great new release...

For Designers

Animated Adobe 3D PDF & U3D files

Create your animation as normal and simply export to the Adobe PDF or U3D formats for captivating and fully interactive animated models.


Better lighting, reflections and acetate windows comes to 3D PDF

3D PDF exported models have never looked better or more realistic with improved lighting, shading, environmental reflections and altogether new acetate / window patch visualisation.  Better yet, they're smaller and faster than ever to produce!


Composite textures removed

Smaller, faster loading of 3D-enabled drawings means you no longer have to sacrifice quality for speed.

3D performance to match your hardware

No longer a user-specific setting, now 3D workstation options can be optimised to suit individual hardware. Use Impact from any workstation and see designs at their best.

New drafting and editing tools

Some of the new tools and enhancements within Impact 2015 include: Quick Expode, Bezier Pen, Animation looping, Select By Example, 3D Align Selected... and much more.







For Diemakers

Resume Dieboard Editing

Resume dieboard editing without needing to restart, such as changing your mounting system with no data loss.

Block Inspector Improvements

Users can now freely control the order of blocks in the block inspector and have more control over the sort order... by name, style, first palette or manual re-order. Also, it's now possible to rename multiple selected blocks into a sequence.  All minor changes, but they provide surprising time-savings and make for all-round easier block management.

Quick and Simple Symbol Pattern Creation

Now simply place one or symbols types
or import an existing drawing and Impact
will automatically convert them to a symbol pattern.

Markup layers

Whether you want to work on a layer that another user has locked, or you want to annotate on a particular layer without editing it, Markup layers provide the freedom to run diemaking and various other tools without the need to take ownership or modify the original layer.

Replacement Collision Symbols

If Impact can’t place a configured symbol due
to collision or interference, it can now place an
alternate symbol in it’s place to clearly indicate an area that may need user attention.


... and much more including numerous improvements to Rotary Dieboard and Blanker tools...

For Everyone

New and vastly more powerful document management capabilities

Now add documents and links to anything and everything, with additional support for site, user, layer, customer contact and document-to-document associations.  Drag-and-drop new documents to speed up document management, whilst Impact automatically generates thumbnails and takes care of meta-data extraction. You can also add tags or create custom groups to aid searching and categorisation. 

PDF export gains CMYK and overprinting

It's now possible to avoid artwork knock-outs in exported PDFs with the use of a new overprinting feature.  In addition, we've added support for CMYK colour modes.

Enhanced Export Controls

You can now automatically open a file or folder after drawing export saving you yet more valuable time.

On-line help system

A completely new on-line help system for Impact and other related products.  Find help for every tool, or handy hints and tips in our growing knowledge-base. Check out today! 





Contact your Impact supplier for further details. A short leaflet is available here, with a more complete 'What's New in Impact 2015' available here.  More general product information is available from our Impact product page.