Impact 2016 available now!

We're excited to bring you our latest, feature-rich Impact CAD 2016.  Upgrade today!

Update (Sept 5th 2018) - a later Impact 2016R4 release supersedes the previous version, bringing with it speed improvements and several bug fixes and minor improvements.  Contact your reseller or agent now for upgrade information or download directly from our support site,

With a whole host of new features for designers and die-makers alike, we're sure you'll find something that will make you more productive than ever.

Scroll through our What's New in Impact 2016 highlights document below (or view it full screen here):

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A more detailed What's New in 2016 can also be downloaded below along with our technical release notes:

- What's New Impact 2016 - Highlights

- What's New Impact 2016 - Detailed Notes (UK)

- What's New Impact 2016 R3 - Detailed Notes (UK)

- Impact 2016 Release Notes (UK)

Contact your local Arden team or reseller to discuss your upgrade options now.  Customers with a valid software maintenance contract (SMC) can download the latest installers for free directly from our dedicated support site

Note. We encourage customers running Impact Enterprise, WEBcnx and heavily customised setups to contact Arden support before carrying out an upgrade themselves.  As always, be sure to backup your data before proceeding.

Coming soon.... as Impact 2016 now includes better support for the 3D model export (and Import) of the popular Collada file format, we've teamed-up with our friends at to bring you the ability to upload 3D scenes directly from Impact to their model sharing site via a new plugin which will be available from our soon to be live app store.

No longer will you need to email or otherwise send large files like 3D PDFs and have to rely on the recipient having the correct viewer installed and it being up-to-date.  You'll simply be able to share a link that can be viewed on any platform, any web browser or device - even mobiles and tablets... with nothing to install!

You'll be able to sign-up use a free personal Sketchfab account for quick and easy model sharing, or upgrade to a pro or business account to access premium services like private invite-only model sharing, unlimited numbers of model uploads and sizes, and the ability to embed models in your corporate website and much more.