Project Lifecycle Management and Workflow Automation

WEBcnx is the world’s leading project lifecycle management and workflow automation solution available to packaging manufacturers. It is the perfect solution to the problems associated with poor communication between the stakeholders in the packaging supply chain, which often results in poorly defined, incomplete, and unclear instructions. WEBcnx delivers enhanced quality of data exchange, a significant reduction in design approval cycle times, and vastly improved throughput volume.


Seamlessly integrated with Impact and Enterprise, WEBcnx allows packaging companies to make their design assets securely available on demand to colleagues, suppliers, and customers, via any web-enabled device, wherever they are located, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A powerful workflow tool, WEBcnx is capable of managing every aspect of every packaging project from the first point of customer contact, through structural design, graphic design, design approval, tooling manufacture, platemaking, and onto production. A combination of the WEBcnx open task framework and automated email notifications ensures that everybody involved in every project is kept aware of key milestones, and a clear and intuitive dashboard shows them exactly what they have to do to keep the process moving. As a result, no project is ever ignored, misplaced, or stuck with any individual for longer than is absolutely necessary.


As well as improving communication with your colleagues, WEBcnx will also bring you closer to your customers through an easy-to-use mobile app, which helps to shorten design approval cycle times by enabling them to access project information, view designs, and approve them online.


The workflow automation engine significantly reduces the number of the repetitive daily procedures that take up valuable time in every business by removing manual hand-off points. Furthermore, improved data gathering and integration with your existing business systems will completely eliminate duplication of data entry. WEBcnx does all of this while maintaining a fully auditable record of every request, amendment, and project-related document along the way.

And the availability of real-time information, on demand, means that WEBcnx is great news for managers, who can use up to the minute performance data to make important decisions that help boost efficiency and keep customers happy.


Features and benefits

Browser-based, task driven, Project Lifecycle Management solution

Connects people, departments, and organisations

Integrates your workflows and processes into your existing business systems, web-services, external applications and corporate databases

Links system and human tasks to automate your processes

Monitors the performance of your processes, graphically and in real-time through an integrated reports engine