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Packing design and die-manufacturing can be a complicated business involving multiple parties and a long series of required approvals. Bridging the gap between your different processes, our WEBcnx software has been specifically designed for the industry in order to deliver smooth and speedy workflow.

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A virtual project manager

WEBcnx automates many of the tasks that can often provide roadblocks in a project, keeping everyone informed of key milestones and sending out notifications when progress is required.

Customers and suppliers can be brought into the process and given the information you want them to see. An intuitive dashboard provides easy access to the information they need.

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Approval on the go

Not everyone spends their day sat at a desk. WEBcnx enables you to send work to people on the move who can then simply provide approval or feedback at the touch of button.

Compatible on your phone or other smart device, you can move a project forward wherever your colleagues and contacts are in the world.

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Management made easier

You remain in full control of your workflow with a fully auditable, transparent record of every request, amendment, and project-related document created.

The system also makes costing and billing far simpler with real time information that enables the right decisions to be made.

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Adaptable to your systems

We understand that incorporating a powerful workflow tool such as WEBcnx may be a little daunting, but we use our experience and skills to make the changeover as quick and painless as possible.

We’ve made WEBcnx work for packaging designers and manufacturers all over the world, and we will make it work for you.

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