New or existing customers can benefit from our extensive range of standard and custom training courses four our packaging software


To ensure you get the most out of our packaging software, we will provide your teams with the knowledge, tips and tricks to drive productivity, improve efficiency, enhance your service to customers and ultimately stand out from the competition.

Our training options include:


In line with Covid-safe practices we offer remote, online training solutions across our packaging software range, from Impact CAD packaging design software to our packaging workflow software WEBcnx.

Using the latest remote access technology, our experienced trainers can deliver the same course content and level of interactivity you’d expect in an on-site setting, entirely online. Customers can still benefit from the expertise and guidance of our training team, while ensuring we can keep our customers and staff safe.


A range of classroom-based courses that will enable your team to get the best out of our packaging software, perform more effectively and keep up with the latest industry developments.

Delivered off-site, it allows a break from the office to provide clarity and fresh thinking without everyday interruptions. All courses are delivered by our experienced training team and cover a wide range of topics.

Customers find our classroom-based sessions provide the best experience and opportunity to make most of our packaging software, away from the distractions of the workplace.

All classroom-based courses are delivered in line with Covid-safe practices and guidelines.


We will come to you, at your convenience, to carry out training for individuals or groups. Training can be tailored specifically to your workflows and unique environment.

All our on-site training programmes are delivered in line with Covid-safe practices and guidelines.

Online self-help:

We also have video tutorials available, which are free to customers with a valid software maintenance contract.


Our expert team regularly produce free webinars covering key topics to assist customers using our range of packaging design CAD software.

Check out our latest webinars here.

DotScan Training

Our Braille inspection solution DotScan is simple to use and highly reliable, however we do offer comprehensive training for your operators and Quality Assurance staff. Training usually takes place over one to two days, and can be held at our offices or on-site to suit you.

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