The power of collaboration

We can provide you with the power of collaboration through software that enables your team to share and develop designs across multiple users and sites. Locally and globally, your colleagues will be able to see exactly what’s been done and who’s done it.

Flowchart showing Impact Enterprise CAD sharing workflow network

Everything in one place

Our Impact CAD software gives you the ability to store your designs in one area that is accessible by all members of the team.

This helps to reduce the dangers of duplication, the problems of version control, miscommunication and the challenge of roaming users.

Our Enterprise software extends this ability over multiple sites so that your team can collaborate on a local, national and global level.

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Avoid downtime

Web access is not always available, but that doesn’t mean your team will have to stop work.

Even when you’re not online, the work you have created will still be available at a local level, providing continuity and reducing downtime. When connection is restored, everything will be synchronised.

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A design image being shared on Arden Impact Enterprise software
Picture of an Impact Enterprise user

Scalable to your company

Our software can evolve to meet the needs of your growing company.

From one site to 200, Enterprise can give everyone access to your designs, wherever they’re based in the office, at home or on the road.

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Secure and compatible

Your database will only be available to the people who need it.

It is simple to create users groups so that access to designs is securely accessible to the relevant team members.

You can also be sure that our software has the ability to handle all standard industry formats of files, so your team can exchange data without the need for cumbersome conversion processes.

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Picture of cereal boxes created on Arden Software Impact CAD
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