Arden Software launches enhanced product for Braille inspection

Arden Software launches enhanced product for Braille inspection

Arden Software has launched an enhanced product to inspect the quality of Braille on packaging.

As a specialist in CAD and CAM software for the print and packaging industry, we are now supplying DotScan technology to the packaging sector.

The Arden Group of companies has supplied the original DotScan machinery for the past six years, but Arden Software has now helped support the development of new features within the machinery, bringing an enhanced version of the product to the market.

The innovative equipment measures the height and position of Braille dots on packaging to ensure they comply with European standards and are of the highest quality.

The enhanced features include the addition of an ultra-high resolution camera and adopts advanced 3D measurement technology to scan the individual Braille dots.

Simon Usher, DotScan specialist at Arden Software, said: “Our enhanced DotScan technology guarantees speed, accuracy and peace of mind for packaging manufacturers.

“The innovative 3D measurement technology not only determines the presence and position of Braille characters, but also provides a complete visual analysis, highlighting in clear detail where any quality errors may have occurred.”

The DotScan machinery provides a comprehensive Braille review checking for presence, height, accuracy, composition and language of braille dots.

It uses a shape-from-shading technique to inspect samples in less than two seconds, virtually eliminating the risk of error when compared to visual or mechanical inspections.

The innovative system can inspect Braille printing on folding boxes and embossing dies, and is effective from artwork proof to finished carton. It can also compare Braille quality in PDF files or simple text in 18 languages.

Matthew Hewitt, business development manager at Arden Software, added: “Arden Software is proud to bring this enhanced DotScan technology into our product portfolio for the packaging sector.

“This technology is trusted among the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging industries where Braille on packaging is mandatory and there is no room for error. It’s also becoming increasingly in demand among other packaging producers who are keen to become more inclusive and accessible to people who are visually impaired.

“Traditional methods of Braille inspection can be time consuming and costly, and just one tiny fault in the manufacturing process can have dangerous consequences for the visually impaired, but with DotScan, manufacturers can be confident of the highest quality control and eliminate the chance of incorrectly embossed cartons from ever reaching the consumer.”

A team from Arden Software will be showcasing the power of the enhanced DotScan technology at leading packaging exhibition – PrintPack India, which takes place in Noida, Delhi NCR from February 1 – 6, 2019.

Visitors can also look forward to an early preview of the latest release of Arden’s cutting-edge packaging design software – Impact CAD.

The newest version, which will be released in 2019, delivers a suite of new features including a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, extending Impact’s graphic workflow capabilities.

The Arden Software Team will be at Hall 3, Booth B30A.

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