DotScan increases efficiency at Essentra

DotScan increases efficiency at Essentra

Essentra Packaging has halved the time spent on checking Braille thanks to DotScan technology from Arden Software.

Arden supplies and supports the DotScan Braille inspection system at Essentra Packaging’s site in Bradford, where the company has reported impressive results.

Mick Shuttleworth, Senior Cut and Crease Team Leader at Essentra Packaging, said: “DotScan has increased our efficiencies when checking Braille. For example, if we have a 32-up job, this would normally take 30 minutes to manually check as we have to have an independent check step in the process. However, with DotScan, this check takes the operator closer to 15 minutes.

“DotScan also has other benefits that couldn’t be done manually such as height verification and defective pip verification. Furthermore, if you then factor in the chance of human error, the cost of the prevention really is cheaper than the cure.

“An example of this would be if the wrong Braille had been issued to a machine. Manual check would pass the job and it would have the potential to reach the customer. However, with DotScan, it instantly picks this up through the PDF supplied during the origination of the Braille.

DotScan is a highly precise inspection system designed to ensure the accuracy of Braille on packaging and ensure it meets European standards.

The innovative technology measures the height and positioning of Braille dots on packaging to ensure the highest quality and precision. It can inspect samples in under two seconds using an advanced shape from shading technique to guarantee accuracy every time.

Essentra is a leading packaging manufacturer specialising in packaging for the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. It has used DotScan at its Bradford site since 2015.

James Burnside, Structural Packaging Designer at Essentra Packaging, says DotScan provides additional peace of mind over the accuracy of the Braille on their packaging.

He added: “DotScan reassures me that the Braille tooling that is ordered in the pre-press stage is what leaves the factory, as there are several processes between the two areas.

“This doesn’t add any additional steps to my process as a pdf is already exported for customer service to use. As we move towards further automation in CAD, and having spoken with Arden Software many times, they have always been very willing to assist in any way possible with prompt responses and good knowledge.”

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