WEBcnx saves time and money for Firstan Ltd

WEBcnx saves time and money for Firstan Ltd

Packaging manufacturer Firstan credits WEBcnx for saving them time and money.

Firstan, which produces more than 500 million cartons a year, first came to Arden Software in 2010 looking for an innovative solution to reduce their production costs by increasing automation in their processes.

And they needed to look no further than our cutting-edge WEBcnx software, which has successfully reduced their design cycle times – saving time and money – and is delivering improved information flow between everyone involved in the pre-press lifecycle.

Paul Hartwig, Production Director at Firstan, explains: “We’ve always tried to automate things as much as possible, because it’s part of our company culture to be lean and profitable, but we needed something that went beyond what our management information system could do – that’s where Arden Software’s WEBcnx came in.

“Just by automating one process – creating a master estimate on our management information system from the CAD project file – WEBcnx saved us over a thousand hours of staff time in the first year alone.

“That’s without all the time saved by not having to chase people for information and not needing to check that manually entered data has been copied across correctly. Whichever way you look at it there’s a substantial saving.”

WEBcnx is a secure, browser-based system that makes design related information available to whoever needs it, whenever and wherever they need it.

WEBcnx features powerful workflow automation capabilities that keep projects moving, often without any manual intervention whatsoever. Together these features dramatically cut the time internal processes take to complete and so help to cut costs, freeing up staff to handle other tasks.

In addition to the obvious financial and workflow benefits, Firstan say WEBcnx has helped bring the company even closer to its customers, by bringing them into the design process early on.

Mr Hartwig added: “If one of our designers is with a customer who has an urgent project, they can raise a design request there and then that will go straight into the WEBcnx workflow and notify all of the other people who need to be informed. The customer could also be a member of that group, perhaps being advised when a draft design is available to view and approve.

“It brings us closer to our customers on a daily basis and gives them another reason to continue to place their business with us. The customers we have given WEBcnx access to say that using it is a really easy user experience.”

The software is fully customisable so it can adapt to different users’ systems and enhance their ways of working.

Matthew Hewitt, business development manager Arden Software, added: “Our WEBcnx software is capable of handling every aspect of a project from the first point of customer contact, through structural design, graphic design, virtual 3D sampling, design approval, tooling manufacture, pre-press, plate making, and on to production. 

“For a company like Firstan, it was crucial that our software could fully integrate with their own EFI Radius management information system, and it is wholly compatible with all the main MIS and ERP systems.

“Firstan chose WEBcnx because of its power and flexibility. We’ve designed it in such a way you can make it do anything you want – and we’ve helped Firstan harness that power to suit their specific ways of working – and ultimately ensuring they can save money while continuing to deliver a first-class service to customers.”

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